@msleamichele Soaking up some sun in gorgeous #Mexico at the amazing @garzablancapvr … 28 is feeling great! ❤️

just spent £600 on theatre tickets

i could cry

Two of them did lol

they’re all seriously nasty ass gross little boys

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Also this person btw go fuck yourself on a rake I see your sneaky victim blaming


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No she was underage. He deserved it

really? he SENT that to someone underage??? why isn’t he in trouble for it?

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They should do what scarjo did

yep. fines and jail and some nice child pornography charges if some of those girls really do turn out to be underage. i bet this dude thinks he’s so clever but he’s messed with too many people at once. this will be investigated so he’s basically just fucked himself right in the ass.

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Anonymous asked: That kid from that boy band 5SOS sent some random girl a snapchat video of his hard dick, and it's like seriously dude? Of course that girl uploaded to Twitter. But at least he owned up to it instead of claiming he got hacked.

5SOS are gross but he still didn’t deserve that at all. He shouldn’t have trusted the girl though because almost all people are awful and don’t really give a shit about you or your feelings.

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Anonymous asked: What? Who got their nudes leaked?! Someone from Glee?!? o_O

Several celebrities who hopefully have been or will soon be in contact with their bigshot lawyers to put the walking turd who’s doing this in prison.

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if i was a celebrity i’d probably be paying someone to delete my presence from the internet and ritualistically burning my laptop and phone at this point

everybody has the right to take nude selfies but jfc the celebrities never seem to avoid getting them stolen, do they? privacy is honestly a long forgotten concept in this world. who the fuck hacks someone else’s stuff for pics? fucking pervs that’s who. people need to go to jail for this shit.