Lea Michele on the set of ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ (x)
Lea and Katey Sagal film a scene for ‘Sons of Anarchy’
i wasn’t even aware of that but its fucking hilarious

sigh i’m a nice person but i just want bad things to happen to him

hate that dude

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Lea Michele Books Sons of Anarchy Guest Appearance

Lea Michele will play Gertie, “an empathetic truck stop waitress and single mother, who connects with Gemma during a difficult time,” a rep for FX told E! News. eonline

Anyone else think it’s funny that Dianna and Alex Pettyfer’s ex-fiancé are going to be playing lesbians together?

also I was struggling to decide on whether to catch up with SOA or Breaking Bad first so that pretty much solves that dilemma.

look at lea solving my incredibly serious life problems bless u angel.

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I come home from work and Dianna’s playing a lesbian stripper and Lea’s on Sons of Anarchy…?

Hallelujah Jesus bless this holy day.

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*opens tumblr*

*see RIDICULOUS post on my dash*

*closes tumblr*

*repeatedly bangs head against nearest wall*

pineapple gummy bears are so fuckin good like a+


big sean probably sitting there like